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                Rocket Science…           it’s a BLAST!

For 15 years, I taught the physics of  model rocketry at Eastern Arizona College.  The basic  rocketry workshop covered the physics of rocket flight.  The advanced class, using engineering concepts, was a  "design, build from scratch, and fly" program, building on the concepts  presented in the basic class. During one launch, a four stage "egg crate"  was launched. We recovered the payload intact - a hen's egg. Several  other advanced rockets put the hen's egg in orbit -- at least we didn't find  them... The two stage rocket uses a booster stage consisting of a cluster of  "D" or “E” rocket motors which launches the payload, a hen’s egg, to above  1,100 feet and as much as 3,500 feet.

    Joe, a student from Eastern Arizona College, is preparing
    to launch! As an advanced rocketry student he received his
    Level 1 certification by the National Association of Rocketry.

    His certification rocket was 9 feet tall and went over 2,200

    feet high. It was recovered intact by a two stage parachute
    recovery system -- ready to fly again...  For those students
    of rocketry he used an "I" engine -- 64 times more powerful

    than the "C" engines used by the beginning rocketry class.

    National Association of Rocketry  

    J. R. Ratje, Level 1- Sen ior Member #85095

3, 2, 1... Launch 

Click button at right to view video of a two stage rocket lofting a hen’s egg payload to over 1,100 feet above grade and be safely retrieved intact.  The 13 Mb file takes a short time to download.